fredag 9 mars 2018

My first SS batch is finished. Great minis from Warlord games. Used a few guides from warlord games homepage.

Finished some buildings I put togheter with styrofoam, MDF, cans and toilet rolls. Turned out real nice despite the rushed paintjob. Fun and easy to build and I'm glad I went all the way and finish them.

söndag 18 februari 2018

Slow work on my SS. Little low on inspiration for these guys so they take some time to be finished. Was going for a one coloured unit but got so bored of the quality on the paint I use so I went with some vallejo green for other smocks. Using Warlord games guide. 

My work on older 40k mini's continue. I painted up a few support weapons last week. Great minis and quite fun to paint. Real fun to play around with lenses and other details. I'm alsoo gonna start on some Attilan rough riders. Bought 10 of them months ago and I've been cleaning them up and repairing their lances and such. The leader got a new lasgun as the old arm was in pretty bad shape. These will look great once painted up. Cheers! 

söndag 21 januari 2018

Got started on my Warlord SS. Followed they're good at youtube. Not entirely happy with the brown but it will do as I just want to get them finished. These were some great minis especially the faces. First time I used grey undercoat. Also got my Catachans finished. Took a while but they ended up to be rather nice. Glad I managed to finish them as I wanted these since I was a young lad. Now I just need to find a box in good condition.

So I finished my last cultists. They number now 100. Tempted to buy more but I'll hold off as I got more projects to finish. Some terrain and Valhallans. These are painted with Vallejo and Citadel colours. Great little minis. 

Built some walls for my 40k minis. They are built with polystyrene and plastic boxes. Turned out great. Especially with the added posters.

fredag 5 januari 2018

My Imperial guard collection grows considerable soon with the addition of Catachans and 10 Rough riders. Great minis but takes a while to finish. The Catachans need a wash of varnish and grass the theyr'e set.

Lastest terrain pieces I've done and a shot of everythingI've done so far. Quite satisfied with it all so far. All for 40k. Also got started on some large clusters of craters too. Needs sand and colour then they're done.